Gouache Grunge No. 4 Photoshop Brushes

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More than 46 Photoshop brushes particularly fabulous for adding edge grunge or making arty decorative strips.

Adding Grungy Dimension To Edges

I love using these brushes to give layered interest to edges as shown below in this whimsical design.

Whimsical digital design by Leslie Nicole using French Kiss Collections' Gouache Grunge No. 4 Photoshop brushes.Creating Decorative Strips

I've used the Gouache Grunge No. 4 brushes to create these floral strips to add to my designs. The brushes were used to both layer color and to serve as masks for floral artwork.

Decorative messy floral strips designed by Leslie Nicole using the French Kiss Collections' Gouache Grunge No 4 Photoshop brushes.

The Brushes

There are 46 unique brushes as well as an additional 15 variations. The variations usually edited so there is a version that would work well for a strip design and another version that would work better for edges. Below are some of the brushes from the set.

The brushes are available for CS2 and above, Elements 6 and above and CS6 and above. For all others, links to recommended PNG extractors are included.

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