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New Collections

Dahlia image © Leslie Nicole. Made with the texture "Tease" from Impressions V.3


I've called this series of textures Impressions as they are made by taking an impression from a gelatin printing block, creating a monoprint (unique print).

Monotypes - Painted Prints

Each texture is from original paint monotypes—also known as monoprints. (Monotype is the more accurate name in this case, but people often use monoprint and monotype interchangeably). I built up layers of paint impressions using a printing plate made of a gelatin-like material called a Gelli plate. What I love about this method is that I can build up distressed layers of paint that is similar to finding a wall of many layers of paint that have peeled off in places. I also love that although I've learned over many months how to have more control over the outcome, there is always an element of serendipity. The edges of the prints have wonderful visual interest made from overlapping impressions and roller marks.

"Monoprints are known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques; it is essentially a printed painting."Wikipedia

"...monotype, in printmaking, a technique that generally yields only one good impression from each prepared plate. Monotypes are prized because of their unique textural qualities." Encyclopedia Britannica

About The Textures

I've developed my techniques using this printing process so that I get the wonderful textural possibilities of this process, but I am also careful to create a print that is useable as a background for images. Thus, in most cases I've restrained the details to the edges. Still, many of these would be great for use in design as well. The marks created by the paint roller are similar to the popular scratches in textures, but more artistic. Also, remember that although these have a lot of personality as is — they can easily be toned down by: cropping and changing the hue/saturation and contrast. I've also found that these work great converted to grayscale, increase the contrast and use with the overlay / soft light blend modes for a gentle texture treatment.

3 Volumes

I've broken this first batch of Impressions monoprint textures into 3 volumes. I decided to break them up for two reasons. First, I have divided the collections into different levels of intensity. Secondly, I often get feedback that people would rather have smaller collections than really large collections.

Impressions Volume 1

The Most Personality

This first collection is the most adventurous of the collections. It has very intense colors and dramatic detail. These would be great for design, illustration, grungy photographs, but also can be toned down for milder usage. See the collection.


I have included an option to get 8 additional variations with this collection. While it may appear that these are mere color changes, they are more complicated than simple hue adjustments. I felt these variations were important to the intent of the collection, but skilled digital artists may choose to create their own versions. Thus the option!


Impressions Volume 2

This collection still has a lot of personality, but is toned down a little from Volume 1. A nice variety of textures. See the collection.

Impressions Volume 3

This collection is the most subtle of the 3 collections. It has lovely textured tones with pops of color interest at the edges. See the collection.

More To Come!

I have several small collections of additional monotype textures waiting in the wings for final review and packaging! Will try to get them out in time for the sale.

See All The Impressions Textures

Appreciate all shares and pins! xx

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January 25, 2014

Another beautiful set of textures — thank you for creating them. My new light book just arrived – can’t wait to do some flowers/macros using the light box and then add your textures…

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