Vintage Grunge Frames Updated

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Leslie Nicole | 2 Comments

I've added 7 new frames to the digital Vintage Grunge Frames collection. Everyone who has already purchased this collection will get the update free of charge. Check your inbox to find the new download links.

(If you don't find them, please check your SPAM folders before emailing me. Also, remember to check the email address you use with Paypal. It's not rare that people forget this. :-) Thanks!)

What's New

I started out just adding a solo frame version of a stacked frame that I found in my files and thought I would add it to the collection. Then, I thought I'd make a few additional stacks. Next, I thought I'd add 2 grungy frames I've had in progress for awhile. Finally, I started thinking about the fancy metallic frame and how it wouldn't be easy to add a drop shadow to just the outside without making a custom drop shadow, so I added that, too!

 See All The Frames in the Collection: Vintage Grunge Frames

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Tonna M
Tonna M

March 19, 2014

Thanks so much for the update! All of your work is so beautiful.

I’ve recently returned from Paris and I’m so envious of you being able to live in France!

Best wishes,
Tonna McGuinn


March 18, 2014

Thanks, Leslie! I received the email but wasn’t sure if it was really from you :~)

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