Vintage Frames No.1 Updated

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

Note: these will be on sale starting March 20th, 2014 for 1 week.

I've been going through the shop and updating graphics. As I was playing with the "Rosy" frames (see below) from the Vintage Frames No. 1, I thought it would be nice to have a longer version of this frame. So, I made a longer version. Then, I thought it would be fun to hand-color it, so I did. I then realized that this frame would be perfect with some other frames I've been working on that are very ornate, Victorian and hand-colored, so I decided to move those frames to a different collection.

I then needed to replace those frames and I got a bit carried away! I had a number of frames almost done and decided to gather them up and finish them. I've added 26 new frames!

Photo is iStockphoto - not included.

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Note: I updated these again Thursday, March 20th. I wanted to add one more frame!

Be sure you hang on to these 2 frames as they are not in the updated collection.

These have been moved to a new collection coming out soon.

I've added a number of frames with subdivisions. Please let me know how the thickness of the dividers work for you. I tested a few and thought they worked, but do let me know what you think. I can make adjustments down the line. I also added one that had a bit of drop shadow inside the subdivided frames. Let me know which version you prefer.

Thank you and Enjoy!



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