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Les Textures 3 Update

Les Textures 1-3 will be on sale starting Thursday, March 27, 2014 for one week.

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I've added 5 new textures and an overlay to the Les Textures 3 collection. I had a few textures tucked away that are in the 5184 x 3456 pixel size that fit perfectly with this collection.

What's Changed

I created the texture, Delicato as a background for an image and in the context of that image, it worked great, but the more I've looked at it, I felt as a texture it needed some tweaks. I didn't like the clearly repeated color shapes, so I've broken up the color and created a lighter more harmonious texture. If you already have the texture, you may wish to keep the original version as well.

Delicato Before

Delicato After

What's New

These two textures are from my very first freebie texture pack made 4 years ago! I still get requests for them, so voila!

Dandelion Fuzz

Dahliais based on Dandelion Fuzz, but it is a bit different in texture as well as color.

Jaipur was offered back when I sold individual textures on Zenfolio. It was part of the Horizons / Stonewashed collection. This texture can work as a base to create different colored textures.

Indie was made from a scratched up color negative. This also used to be available on the Zenfolio store. Remember to also use it in grayscale to add scratches and grunge to images and textures.

Orleans is a texture I've had some time, but it's never been offered.

Finally, I decided it would be nice for you to have the overlay that I created for the texture, Ode that is already a part of the collection. This a transparent overlay, so you can make it any color you like. (Instructions Included.)

Previous Purchasers

If you already have the Les Textures 3 Collection, this is a free upgrade and the new download links have been emailed to you. Please check your Spam folders if you don't receive it. Also, be sure to check the email that you use with Paypal. A reminder that you may wish to keep the original version of the texture, Delicato from your first downloads.

I've also updated the Texture Nirvana collection. You only need to download that one collection though.

2 Responses

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

March 25, 2014

Hi, thanks for reminding me that I needed to update Nirvana as well! Nirvana was bundled before some of my collections were made. I had requests from some people to get all my textures, so I bundled up everything I had at the time. Les Textures 3 is a part of that bundle. Expressions is as well, but that’s a different bundle. The collection in Nirvana is called Les Textures 3. :-)

It’s hard to come up with enough bundles that cover all collection bundle possibilities, but I will be adding more in the future. Please do feel free to make suggestions.

Warm Regards,


F Harvell

F Harvell

March 25, 2014

Leslie, I have to admit that I find it difficult to understand your bundling. This update makes me aware that, apparently, I didn’t purchase Les Textures 3 as part of the Texture Nirvana collection. Of course, the description of the Texture Nirvana collection lists Texture Collection 1, 2, and 3, of which 1 and 2 are apparently Les Textures 1 and 2, but, Texture Collection 3 is actually “Expressions Watercolors”. Bottom line. I’m not sure which of your collections, beyond Les Textures 3, that I haven’t licensed. (I did separately license the Paint Expressions and the Studio 1-7 collection.) Anyway, it be nice to know so that I can pick up a license during your next great sale!

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