Solstice 60% Off!

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Leslie Nicole | 5 Comments

Fine art texture collection, Solstice is 60% off this week only. Plus get pending updates for Free!

I'm doing something very different for the Weekly Special this week. Normally, the weekly specials are 40% off.

I decided to to offer Solstice for 60% off because:

  1. Tomorrow is the Solstice, so it's a perfect time to focus on the Solstice collection!
  2. I just like to throw a little extra love your way now and again to say thank you!

Solstice Updates Pending

Solstice is probably my most adventurous texture collection. I was exploring breaking free from edges and being exuberant with color. It's been 2 years since I created Solstice and I've decided I want to give it a little love.

Pending Changes:
  1. I'm going to be shifting a few of the textures to future collections. A few of the textures I've realized would work better as digital papers or a collection that is more design background oriented than photo texture.
  2. I want to add more textures to the collection. I'm working on new textures right now and you will be sent notices of updates.
  3. I may eliminate a few of the variations that seem redundant.

Your Feedback Wanted

I would really love your feedback on how you use Solstice and which are your favorite (and not so favorite!) textures. I'm still figuring out the best way to go about this. I may create a post on the other blog where commenting is more robust. I may also create a link gallery where you can show me how you are using Solstice.

For now, enjoy and create!

Get Solstice.

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5 Responses

Roz Fruchtman
Roz Fruchtman

June 27, 2014

LOVE THIS… Grabbed it when I saw it for 60%!



Vicki Brazil
Vicki Brazil

June 21, 2014

I just purchased these and I can’t wait to start using them! They are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for putting them on sale!!! Love your sales and love your textures!!!!! WOW!!!


June 20, 2014

I like the boldness of this collection. Especially for the color. My favorites are the purples/purple gray ones. Those can be so versatile. What I don’t like are the textures that have scribbles or other effects like Essence or Panache. I love the paint strokes and/or the gesso…they add a depth of dimension that adds such subtlety. This collection is ideal for digital painting. And what’s that old saying, create what you love? You can tell there’s love in this wonderful set. Because I love a creative challenge and a friend just sent me 300 flower snaps, I will play with these textures for your example gallery. Thanks, as always, for providing the best texture inspiration for my artstic inspiration.

Leslie Nicole
Leslie Nicole

June 20, 2014

Thanks, Denise! Yes – everyone will get updates. I’ll send out a newsletter and you will get an automatic email when I make changes.

Denise Trocio
Denise Trocio

June 20, 2014

I purchased this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it!!!

Leslie, will I still get an notice of the updates since it has been a few weeks since I purchased?

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