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Catharina Papers

Catharina Papers

12 digital papers created with vintage postcards by Catharina Klein, which are also named Catharina in her honor.

I created these papers last fall, but put them aside because I needed to work on Christmas. I've been itching to work on digital papers and I was so close to finishing these that I started with them.

I collect postcards by the late 1800 – early 1900's German artist, Catharina Klein. I used 3 postcards by her, 2 with Virginia Creeper who's leaves are starting to color and 1 of late season Blackberries to create 3 of the papers.

I then used paintings I've done mixed with my grunge elements and vintage French receipts to create the backgrounds. There are 3 papers with the Klein illustrations, 3 without the illustrations but with the vintage elements and 3 with just the painted/grunge backgrounds. Complementary grungy polka dot papers complete the collection.

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