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Using New Elements

I had an itch to play with the new collections today!

I wanted to play with the Impressions V6 textures today so I used Haven and Boater for this image.

I also used the Free Photo Mask and the Vintage French Script No.2 overlays. Oh, and even though you don't really see it, I've also used the Rubbed Chalk Brushes to add more depth to the background. That's what the Rubbed Chalk brushes are great for—subtle enhancements.

I'm really loving how much dimension a photo mask can bring to compositions. I've had the image below on my hard drive more than 2 years not really satisfied with it and not sure what to do with it. I can see now that I was trying to go in this direction with the texturing I did back then. This feels like the next evolution. The Impressions textures have enough personality to give interest to the background and using the photo mask integrates the image into the background with a designed sensibility. This is why I love creating new elements—be it brushes, textures or vintage script. Each element allows me to expand the vocabulary of my vision. This is why I have French Kiss, to share the tools I create on my own artistic journey.

Enjoy the journey.

See The Full Tutorial Here

A Cup Of Summer: A Peek At The Layers


Impressions Volume 6 Fine Art Paint Monotype Textures

Vintage French Script Overlays No.2

Rubbed Chalk Photoshop Brushes

Free Photo Mask


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