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Bees N Butterflies

Bees N Butterflies vintage illustration digital design elements.

These bees and butterflies are taken from vintage illustrations. They are light and a bit ethereal and I like keeping that feeling when using in my designs and photographs, thus I prefer using them as stacked blended layers rather than cut out "stickers".

Stacked, Blended Layers

The files come as 2 stacked and linked layers. The bottom layer is set to a blend mode of multiply and the top layer is set to normal, with a layer mask. This allows me to keep most of the original vibrancy of the image, while allowing parts to blend with the background. Depending on your design, you may wish to play with the opacity of the top layer or even make modifications to the layer mask.

Tip: you could save the current layer mask by creating a new layer and copying the layer mask to it. To restore the layer mask to the original, simply replace the layer mask with the saved layer mask. Option drag (MAC) or Alt drag (PC) the layer mask to copy it.

Linked And Locked

The layers are linked together so that they will move together within your document. I've also locked the top layer file so that you don't accidentally paint on it instead of the layer mask. See how the paint brush is highlighted in the Lock icons?

Usage Examples


Feedback Welcome

This is the way I prefer to work with these images rather than as hard cut-out stickers, but it's the first time I've released files like this. Please let me know what your experience is. I'll be tweaking and refining the files based on your feedback.

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