Using Masks As Overlays

Posted on October 31, 2014 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

Digital photo masks can be used as overlays to create design areas of focus.

I played around with this photograph I took of my husband using my Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Double Glass Optic.

I used two masks from the Brayered Blocks and the free (for a limited time) photo mask.

The two masks used in the background were used with solid colored clipping masks and the mask blend modes changed to multiply (bottom mask) and screen (top mask.

I also used two vintage overlays:

  1. Carte Postale: Vintage French postcard backs. Blend Mode: Screen, Opacity 39%, Color: #cdc5b8
  2. Vintage French Photo Studio: Blend Mode: Linear Burn, Opacity 22%, Color: #8f8a83

See The Full Tutorial


Brayered Blocks digital photo masks Digital Overlays from vintage French cabinet cards. Digital vintage French postcard back overlays

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