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Horse Chestnut Vintage Illustration

Digital overlays and a postcard of a lovely vintage illustration of a Horse Chestnut flowering branch.

I've included 4 files for this lovely image:

  1. The scan of the original postcard. This has been slightly retouched, but mostly left with all of it's yummy grunge.
  2. A flattened cleaned up JPEG of the color image.
  3. A transparent PNG file of the color image.
  4. A B&W transparent overlay of the image.

These are really large files. The postcard is a 600 DPI scan and the color and B&W overlays are even larger.

Tell Me What You Want

I tend to package up files they way I would like to have them. I want large files with all of my options ready to go for whatever design needs I might have. These files are aimed at other digital artists (or print artists). I do eventually plan on doing digital collage sheets at smaller sizes for those who prefer that format.

Let me know what you are looking for in your digital design needs.

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