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New snacks on sale now for a limited time! Use code NEW for 15% off.

Specials Now, Storewide Sale Feb 14-16

Hello all. I've put all Valentine related collections as well as digital papers and frames on special through February 14th at which time, everything in the store will be 40% off. Have fun for Valentine's Day!

Specials Now

Prep for Valentine's Day with digital papers, frames, textures and brushes.

See The Specials

Storewide Sale Feb 14 – 16

Everything in the store will be on sale for 40% off!

Sale starts 9 AM, Paris time zone.

Ends Midnight PST

If you get confused about the timezones, remember - if it's on sale, it will show up as marked down in the store. There are no coupon codes.

I'll send a reminder (plus a freebie!) via the newsletter.

Don't miss out on announcements of specials, sales and, tutorials. Plus, get Freebies!

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1 Response

odile lm

odile lm

February 14, 2015

Thank you so much, Leslie, for all the free stuff you’re giving us as members… going to have a look at your sales before it ends… enjoy your Valentine weekend!

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