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Paint Impressions Volume 4

Fine art, paint monoprint textures. Bold textures for bold designs with lots of edge attitude. Gold and Pewter colors.

Paint Impressions V. 4 fine art monotype texture collection.

Ornamental frame with filigree design by Cruzine

Paint Impressions Volume 4

These are versatile textures with a lot of personality. Created by using a Gelli plate to print paint onto paper. Multiple impressions are built up with paint sticking to some areas better than others and sometimes the paint being lifted from the layers beneath. The result is a texture that has a bold yet grunged and weathered effect. This collection plays with contrasts of gold tones with aged pewter, but can be easily altered with hue/saturation adjustments.

Tone Down If Desired

Bold is beautiful, but there are times you may want to tone down the big guns. Here are a few tips to mellow these bad boys out a bit.

  • The textures are uber big (7400 pixels wide) so the edges can be cropped if desired.
  • Pair the edge detail with subtler textures for a more mellow center.
  • Desaturate or change to monochrome with a hue/saturation adjustment.
  • Lighten the textures - especially if you change them to monochrome.

Tame a bold texture with tweaks.

In the example above, the texture Aurelian has been toned down with Hue / Saturation adjustments and tone Levels adjustments.

  1. Tweak #1: A Hue/Saturation adjustment was set to colorize and then lightened with a levels adjustment. I then used layer masks on the adjustments to bring back a bit of the original texture color along the edges.
  2. Tweak #2: The Hue/Saturation adjustment was set to colorize, the saturation increased, and lightened quite a bit.

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