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A New Storefront For French Kiss Textures

I'm very excited about this new storefront for French Kiss Studios. I've been using my Zenfolio site and my Wordpress blog to sell. While it worked, there were problems. Having the two storefronts was confusing to people, my Wordpress blog was not specifically an e-commerce site, so it was not always clear to people how to navigate. Also, my site had been hacked and I learned that WordPress can be vulnerable to hacking. (note: French Kiss itself wasn't actually hacked, but other blogs I have with the same provider were - which also shut down French Kiss Temporarily.) I spent a lot of time researching the different platforms and shopping carts out there and finally decided upon Shopify.

Ease of Use and Safety

What I like about Shopify is that it will be easier for me to update and maintain and easier for you to navigate. Also, Shopify is PCI compliant, so your shopping is safe.

New Name (sort of) and a New Logo

I've slightly modified my name to be French Kiss Studios rather than French Kiss Textures. I feel the new name will allow me to grow with the different products I will offer. The url (web address) is staying the same and it doesn't really matter if you sometimes refer to me as French Kiss Textures. My url is still 

It seems the cobbler is the last to have new shoes and as a designer, I usually have the least amount of time to work on my own logo! It's been a work in progress. I'm getting close to what I wanted though.

Migrating The Other Storefronts

I'll still be using my other blog as it has more features for my tutorials and articles, this store will be linked to that blog.

I'll be closing out the store section of the blog this week. I'll also be transferring the textures from Zenfolio to this blog, but it will probably take me at least another month to sort and package the textures.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and interaction. I can't wait to start "filling the shelves" here with new goodies for you.

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