Vintage Hyacinth

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This Hyacinth from the garden uses the Esprit texture from the Artiste Collection. The texture is a warmer color, so I used a levels adjustment layer and added blue, thus subtracting yellow, to make the texture a more neutral tone. The Blend Mode was multiply at 59% opacity. I used a layer mask to clean texture off the flower and slightly off the vase.

I've also used the Free Grunge Edge Overlay to create an aged effect. A layer mask was used to confine the grunge to the edges.

To sweeten tones and provide more contrast along the edges, I brushed a light pink color into the corners and edges.

The flower image was processed with Topaz Labs Filters Adjust and Detail.

Image Details: Canon 7D, Canon 60mm macro lens, ISO 100, f.5 at 1/10 of a second. Window light with fill flash.

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