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Summer Pause

I'm taking a wee bit of time off to recharge the 'ol batteries and enjoy the {finally!} nice weather we're having in France. 

I'm really excited about upcoming products. I've been working hard on creating watercolors, pastels and other elements for the textures. Creating is the first step. Afterwards I spend a lot of time in Photoshop getting the colors and detail just right, cleaning up the backgrounds and then discovering what works in what combinations.

Where's The Solstice Collection?

You'll be glad of the wait for the Solstice collection and the spin-off collections that have been developing. I've decided I'm going to start working more on the petite collections so I can get textures out faster.

I'll still be answering any customer support questions.

I'll be back sometime next week! 

xx Leslie

3 Responses

Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

September 29, 2012

Hi Leslie,
This is just the image I was trying to find in your archives!
I love this look and hopefully this background or texture will be part of your new collections. I was interested to hear about the watercolor problems you’re having with your new suite. Is there any reason you couldn’t just lay the watercolor on top of the flower, use the blend mode :Normal" lower the opacity a bit so you can see what’s underneath, and erase your flower to reveal it to what ever extent you wish then pump up the opacity again. Just a thought.
Any how, I’m not familiar with how to use actions, but I’ll find a way to figure it out if that’s the way you decide to go.
Thanks again for all your hard work!!

Lois Bryan

Lois Bryan

September 04, 2012

so glad you are taking some time off, busy lady!!!!!! enjoy!!!!



August 23, 2012

Enjoy your free time and the weather!!

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