Getting Back To The Source

Posted on September 14, 2012 by Leslie Nicole | 1 Comment

I've been having a hard time this month getting back into the swing of posting on the store and blog — and really just being present online in general. I have a lot of ideas, but somehow I keep getting caught up in days on end of testing and refining overlays, brushes and textures. Today, I stopped to just play with this photograph I took a few days ago of a hydrangea and vintage Chinese bowl and saucer. It came to me as I worked that this is the answer. Getting back to the source. Creating art. It all started there and that's where the energy comes from.

So there's my nugget of wisdom for the day. Who knew? The best way to get more done is to have more fun!

See a full tutorial on this image on the tutorial blog.

This image uses the textures, Secret Garden and Fresco from the Tableaux Collection and an overlay from the Vintage French Photo Studio No.2.

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Muriel Hastings
Muriel Hastings

September 19, 2012

So totally gorgeous! You REALLY are an artist to your core! Now I have to go out and find a vintage Chinese bowl… fading hydrangeas I have. -)

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