Dried Roses

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This little composition was made by serendipity. I was organizing things in my studio, had a pile of vintage French ephemera laying on the counter and absentmindedly placed some dried roses that I was going to trash on them. Days passed. The petals scattered. Back to cleaning up and I noticed the composition. I photographed it exactly as is.

I had used another texture with this composition and was quite happy with it, but yesterday when I scanned this acrylic wash I realized this was the texture for this image.

The texture Provence is from the Studio No. 5 Collection. It's an Uber-big file that can be cropped for more subtle variations.

Blend Mode: Multiply / Opacity: 100% / Very slight layer masking on flower and petals.

I also duplicated the texture layer, set it to Normal Blend Mode, filled the layer mask with black and then with a grunge brush set to white, covered up parts of the text on the paper background.

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Muriel Hastings
Muriel Hastings

March 17, 2013

Amazing, the cool “images” that can appear organically in our potting shed, greenhouse and studio…! What a great eye you have!

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