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Pushing The Envelope


I'm not quite sure if I've gone over to the dark side with this image! I rather like  the intensity of it, but my husband seemed less enthusiastic about this one. I've been playing with the post-processing of this little still life of Muriel Robin roses from the garden for nearly 2 years and this texture finally feels right. 

I've done 3 variations of this image. I think I prefer the 2nd version, but I like the 3rd too. Let me know what you think!

The texture is Possibilities from the Studio No. 5 collection. It's a huge texture which you can crop for different looks. 

Blend Mode: Multiply / Opacity: 90% / Levels adjustment to increase contrast.

I also added an Edge Overlay set to Multiply at 61% opacity. I used a clipping mask to change the color to a brown that matched the background. More about overlays and clipping masks in this video.

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Muriel Hastings

Muriel Hastings

March 17, 2013

I am not sure that husbands are always the final word in this dept… and I rather like all three versions, maybe leaning slightly toward #2. I tried this texture on a hellebore image of the same colors and I cannot decide if I like it or not… it might be a bit busy for a complex hellebore. But the colors, oh my, so sophisticated!!

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