Photograph By Donna Eaton

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I'm a big fan of Donna Eaton's photography and I love what she did with this gorgeous Cala Lily. 

Donna shares her post-processing:

  • Took image into Nik Color Efex Pro and used the detail extractor on the flower to bring out details. 
  • Adjusted the hue and saturation with an adjustment layer.
  • Applied the texture, Ebullience from the Solstice Collection.
  • Used free transform to reverse the layout of the texture on the image.
  • Adjusted the blending mode to normal at 70%.
  • Removed texture from Calla Lily in some areas using a layer mask and a large soft brush at 40%.
  • Cleaned up some areas of the lily and a removed a small area of texture on the bottom right (next to stem) from background using content aware.
  • Took image back into Nik Color Efex Pro and used the Brilliance and Warmth filter to warm the image slightly and used the Darken/Lighten Center filter to bring more attention/light to the Calla Lily.
  • Did a final levels adjustment.

The Original Image:


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April 11, 2013

Beautiful image Donna!!!

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