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Weimaraner Love


It's funny how sometimes knowing what texture to use with an image comes quickly and with other images it takes time. I've took this portrait of a Weimaraner nearly 3 years ago and while I thought it was a nice portrait, none of the textures I tried worked. I've had it in my "Work Bench" folder (images in progress) for 3 years! When I finished the Buck Eye texture in the new Atelier Collection, I saw that it was just the texture for this image. 

I also added 2 landscapes — one for the trees and the other for the sky — and used combinations of the Overlay and Luminosity blend modes and the opacity taken down to around 45%. Then, I added in a pheasant from another photograph I took.

Feel free to share and pin. Please credit Leslie Nicole and French Kiss Collections. Thank you!

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May 27, 2013

Your dog is beautiful and this blending of texture and landscape lifts the whole image to a work of art. I love it!

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