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Summer Bliss

Summer in my studio. Windows open, bare feet. I try to paint a little every day. For me, this is a time of pure bliss and contentment.

Here is a texture in progress. I'm thinking of a sky texture. When this is dry, I'll add in some yellows and purples.

Little by little, the next collection takes form.

What is your form of Bliss?

2 Responses



July 26, 2013

boy oh boy! I can’t wait to see this collection! These colors are looking just glorious!

My bliss: summer in the Pacific Northwest! It has been warm and sunny and totally perfect. Around here, we live for summer…

Bliss #2: Puppies! Waiting for my two Bernese pups to be old enough to come home in mid-August. Then it will be puppy breath heaven. (and no sleep…)



July 12, 2013

Sunshine and blue skies! It’s been a blissful summer here in my little corner of Oregon!

Also, the chocolate cake I bought yesterday that I’m nibbling at a little bit at a time is total bliss :~)

But I think ~ no, I know ~ it would be even more blissful to be in France :~)

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