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Customizing This Month's Free Texture

Customizing This Month's Free Texture

An example of how to customize a texture or background by transforming the ratio aspect and using Photoshop Brushes.

Leslie Nicole magnolia and photo and texture design.

The Texture

This is a quick design play using this month's free texture. The texture is a paint monotype named Spontaneous. I rotated the texture 90° and transformed it into a square format. (Note: this freebie now expired.)

April 2016 free texture download, Spontaneous, a paint monotype.

Adding An Image

Magnolia design in progress.

I've been playing around with creating illustration effects with my photographs. I used *Topaz Lab's Simplify filteron this magnolia photograph.

The flower didn't stand out very well and I wanted a more illustrative effect, so I added more color and texture with Photoshop brushes.

Customizing The Texture With Brushes

I added a layer and used a brush from the Gouache Grunge #3 Photoshop Brushes and added a patterned texture with brown color. The layer was set to a blend mode of multiply.

Gouache Grunge 3 Photoshop Brush layer.

I then used another brush from the Gouache Grunge #3 to add more pink color to the background.

Adding A Vintage Touch

I finished off the design by adding  a Photoshop brush from the Vintage French Postcards collection in white.

Additional Note

Note that all of the brush layers and the flower layer were grouped in a Photoshop folder and then a layer mask used on the grouped layer. The layer mask was created by selecting (with the magic wand) the white area border area of the texture and inverting it. Using a layer mask, everything is constrained to the texture.

Some programs such as Elements don't handle grouped layers very well. In that case, you could create a mask with the selection and clip all the layers to the mask. It's a bit complicated to explain in this quick example, so let me know if you need a tutorial on that part.

 * *Topaz Labs is an affiliate link. I get a small commission from any sales resulting from a click from this site (at no extra cost to you.) I really do love these filters. Nearly all of my own images use one of these filters. Thank you for supporting the site!

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2 Responses

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

May 08, 2016

Hi Ilene, Thank you for your comment. That is a challenge with Elements. I’ll have to look into it, because I haven’t been keeping up with Element’s recent releases. I’ll try to do a post on this soon.



April 17, 2016

Thanks so much, love your stuff! Would like a tutorial on how to do the group layers work around in Elements. I can do most things I want with Elements, but the inability to group layers is a real frustration. Thanks!

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