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Digital download graphics support feral cat rescue and management.

Feral cats eating.

The past 3 years, I've been caring for many of the feral cats in my village. We've rescued and sterilized 6 cats and have been feeding 8 - 12 cats daily. Recently, I've rescued 2 cat litters to raise in the house (with their mother). They all got sick at 6 weeks and it's been a long, expensive recuperation with several vet stays.

Female cat needs to be spayed

Minette is over 7 months now and needs to be spayed. She lives with her brothers, who also need to be spayed.

We still have 4 kittens over 7 months old that need to be sterilized NOW. The female will soon be in season and the males are starting to spray! There are also feral cats that need sterilization (It's kitten-making season!) and vet treatment. It's become more than I can handle financially.

Feral cat in heat

It's kitten-making season! We need to sterilize.

I have started creating products to support cat rescue (I do occasionally give to dog rescue as well - particularly Blue Weimaraners.)

Not only do you receive delightful downloads, 100% off the proceeds will support animal rescue.

Please note that I am not an official charity. I have been paying for feral cat management out of my own pocket and I have adopted more cats than I can handle, but that would have died had I not. Whatever proceeds I collect beyond my own expenses will be given to other non-profit organizations. I thank you for your help.

Visit the Animal Rescue Fund page to see the collections. Donations also accepted.

Shop for animal rescue fund graphics or donate.

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