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Grunge Brush Design Examples

Grunge Brush Design Examples

I often create textures and backgrounds by layering grunge brushes in different colors and at different blend modes.

This design uses the Gouache Grunge No. 8 Photoshop Brushes.

Gouache Grunge No. 8 usage idea.

These little design experiments can be further developed into other designs. Below, I used the design as a 4-way pattern. (4-ways are created by flipping the image horizontally and then vertically to create a mirrored design.)

Photoshp grunge brush design example with 4 way.

Creating these are fabulous, quick playtime explorations. I seldom have a final vision, I just start stamping brushes one into each layer and then playing with color, placement, and blend modes.

Give it a try - it's addicting!

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