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Textured Clematis

Textured Clematis

This gorgeous photograph of a clematis flower by Connie Mason Etter uses a texture from the Virtuoso Painterly collection.

Textured photograph of a clematis flower by Connie Mason Etter.

These colorful, painted textures when used with Photoshop blend modes of Overlay or Soft Light add a subtle finishing touch to an already beautiful photograph. This photograph uses the texture, Thrive with the blend mode, Soft Light.

In this case, the color works well with the blues and greens of the photograph, but if you want less color, just desaturate the texture with the hue/saturation adjustment. See this Tutorial: Change your texture without changing the image below it.

You can also completely take out the color by changing the texture to black and white and increasing its contrast. See This Tutorial, How to use texture without the color.

Painterly texture, Thrive from the Virtuoso texture collection.

The Texture Thrive from the Virtuoso Painterly Collection.

Here is Connie's original photograph which is quite lovely as is as well!

Photograph of a purple clematis by Connie Mason Etter.

Check out more of Connie's work. She's also an awesome High School Senior photographer based in Indianapolis. Connie Etter Photography

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