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Treat Yourself & Help A Cat

Treat Yourself & Help A Cat

I'm having a Flash Sale this weekend to benefit my rescue cat's operation.

Luna the rescue cat needs an operation.

Luna is a 15 month old cat who adopted us last year as an abandoned kitten. Actually, our other numerous rescue cats brought her home. She recently somehow hurt her leg and the vet has scheduled a specialized operation to reset it. She has a sparkling personality and it would be a shame for her to limp for the rest of her life. We're taking her in tomorrow morning. The thing is, things are rather tight right now and this will cost us around $850. I started a donation on Facebook, but really, I prefer exchanges. So, I'm having a flash sale. Proceeds from this sale will go to her operation.

Why not get yourself a treat and at the same time, help Luna get her operation? We would appreciate it greatly.

With sincere thanks in advance, Leslie Nicole.


August 7, 2021

A big thank you to all of you who purchased to help support my rescue cat, Luna. I wanted to give you an update.

This morning, we drove an hour to the specialist surgeon and left Luna for her surgery. When we called in the afternoon to see how things went, they told us we could come in earlier than we thought. When we got there, it ended up they had decided not to do the surgery. After they put her under anesthesia and did more x-rays, they determined that it would actually make things worst to do the surgery. The vet thinks that she will eventually not be very handicapped.

So, the procedure cost me only about 1/4 of what I was anticipating. I do have other rescue cats that need attention, so the proceeds from the sale will still be used to care for my rescues. The sale will continue through Sunday as planned but we are now OK for Luna. Big hugs and appreciation for stepping up to help.

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