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Virtuoso Painterly Texture Collection

Virtuoso Painterly Texture Collection

I'm very pleased with this new texture collection from original painted art. Big, beautiful, hand-painted and crafted textures add richness and depth to your art and designs. Equally stunning as design backgrounds or as lovely touches to your photography. Textures from original acrylics on paper and canvas and carefully crafted variations inspire creative versatility.

Virtuoso Painterly fine art commercial use texture collection.

The Name

Virtuoso is a noun describing a person who has dazzling mastery and talent in a field, usually artistic or musical. I named this collection thinking of our process as artists from our Quest for the Source of Inspiration and the Practice it takes for Finesse and Mastery. We must have Faith in our Intent and Creativity to access that Blessed Origin of Genius. (Italics are names of the textures!) Here's to your creative journey.

The Textures

This collection has more variations than I normally include in a collection, but each is lovingly hand-crafted. These are not simple hue changes! I spend time exploring possible variations using a combination of filters, careful individual color channel coaxing, balancing tone and contrast, and then finishing with final edits. These variations are huge time-savers for you and expand the versatility of the textures. Some of the textures are then combined with textures in the collection or out for further creative possibilities.

Beautiful Painterly Details

Each texture is based on rich, nuanced, original acrylic artwork on fine art paper or canvas.

Subtle Texture For Photographs

Using the blend mode Overlay or Soft Light and adjusting the opacity of a texture adds a delicious and subtle finishing touch to photographs. Thank you to Donna Eaton, Kathleen Clemons and Connie Mason Etter for their lovely art.

Examples using the Virtuoso Painterly fine art texture collection.

Gorgeous Backgrounds

In addition to subtle enhancements, these textures are equally stunning as backgrounds to your designs. This floral motif was created from Dahlias I photographed and then used various filters to create illustrations. They go nicely on this new texture named Finesse. Photographs and design by Leslie Nicole.

Design by Leslie Nicole using Virtuoso painterly texture in wall art.

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