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You might have noticed that I've been very quiet here, on the blog, and on social media. I have a pretty good excuse! I've been intensely working on a new texture and elements collection in partnership with Design Cuts.

The Ultimate All-In-One Collection

I decided I wanted to create a mini version of my own database in a way that also reflects my own approach to design. I like designing with layers of complementary graphics. I also wanted this collection to be an ultimate all-in-one collection. It would have a wide array of assets for maximum versatility, and would also be perfect for teaching various techniques. This meant creating quite a few element collections!

It turned out to be a very ambitious project. I created 4 unique texture collections with 8 complementary element collections. With a set deadline to meet, it almost broke me!

When the project started, I had rosy visions of sharing my progress on Social throughout the weeks and months with lovely video and beautiful flat lays. I'd do live tutorials on Facebook and share with my community. Yeah, that didn't happen. ;-)

Did you watch Jane The Virgin (love that series!) I think it was the last season when she was writing her novel and pretty much lived in sweat pants and missed more than one shower? That was me!

OK for the photo below, I did actually take a shower and change my clothes. This is the posed photo. (Although my studio is showing some suffering of months of work and little clean up.)

Leslie Nicole painting watercolor textures for French Kiss Collections.

Painting watercolor textures at my art table.

Here's a real life iPhone capture of what life was really like. In my sweats, studio a mess, ear phones on, listening to music while I work.

Leslie Nicole hard at work on textures in her studio.

It Was Worth The Hard Work

It's been an extremely intense 5 months of work, but in the end it was worth it! This collection is really fun to create with. I can't wait to share it with you.

Check Out The Collection

I'm proud to announce the Complete Inspirational Textures & Elements Collection!  Check it out!

The Complete Inspirational Textures and Elements Collection.

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October 22, 2020

This collection is fantastic!! Great work!

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