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Product Digital Downloads Trouble-Shooting

A few answers to the most common questions about your product digital downloads.

Q. How do I get my Digital Downloads?

A. Downloads are available at Check-out and the links are emailed to you.

Please see this new page for detailed instructions on Downloading at check-out. Your Downloads

You will receive 3 emails:

  1. A confirmation of your order.
  2. A receipt from Paypal.
  3. The download link(s).

Please be patient. Sometimes emails get hung up in cyberspace. Have a cup of coffee and check back. Also check your spam folder.

Need to Get Your Download Links Again? 

Log-in Here with your email address and order number. Your order number is in the subject line of the confirmation email you received after your order. You will also get an email with your download links. Links are good for 10 downloads  and do not expire.

I highly recommend that you back-up your downloads off computer immediately upon purchase.

The Top 2 Reasons You Can't Get Your Download

  1. You aren't checking the same email address that you used to place the order. People have multiple email addresses and it's easy to forget which one you used. Try a few of your addresses, especially the one you use for Paypal.
  2. There was a typo in the email address you entered for the order. Contact us and we'll get the email fixed for you and the links re-sent. Be sure you don't put a typo in the address on the contact form so we can answer you. Remember that email is case sensitive. Don't start your name with a capital letter if that isn't the way it is in the address.

It's our priority to get you your downloads as soon as possible. There may be time-zone differences, so please allow at least 24 hours for a response. It will most likely be sooner than that.

File Download Trouble-Shooting.

I use professional services that handle my file delivery. While the majority of times downloads have no problems, failed downloads can occur from a number of reasons. These are often large files, so there could be a drop in your connection during the download. 

Here are a few tips for successful downloads.

  • Be sure to give your file time to download. It may be a large file. If you continue to click the link before it's finished, you will burn through the allowed 10 clicks.
  • Watch the download progress in your browser to see that it has completed before you attempt to open the file or re-click the link.
  • Check your download location for the file. 
  • I've heard from some clients using Windows that you need to move the downloaded, unzipped folders into the place where you normally store your graphics as cannot be seen in the download folder. (I'm not a PC user so I'm not sure what versions of Windows this applies to - but check it out.
  • If the ordering process seems hung, sometimes, closing your browser and restarting it can help. Also, clearing the history and cache. 
  • Also, try another browser. (Internet Explorer is the worst for problems. I recommend Firefox or Chrome.)
  • If you run out of allowable clicks on your download, just contact me to reactivate the links for you.
  • Your download links are emailed to your Paypal email address. Be sure you are checking the right email account for your links.
  • If you experience a problem accessing the download area, it could be that you had a typo in the email address you entered for your order. Contact us and we'll get the email fixed for you.
  • You may be using the incorrect email to try to access your downloads.

Q. How do I Open My Downloaded Zip Files?

A. Be sure to check your download folder for all downloads. If your system does not automatically unzip the file, just double-click to open.

Zip File Trouble-Shooting.

  •  If you are having trouble opening the zip file, try another way to open. I recommend the free Stuffit Expander.
  • PC Free Download, Mac Free Download.
  • On rare occasions, zip files can become corrupted during download. If you get error messages trying to open, re-download the file and try again.

2 Responses

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

November 30, 2013

Hi Pat,

You need hard drive space and memory to run Photoshop. You must be running really, really low to not be able to open your files. You may want to do some clean up on your computer to see if you can free up some space.

I don’t really have the specifications for what each computer / version of Photoshop needs. Here is a good article on optimizing your computer for Photoshop use:

Here’s an article about operating systems that Photoshop will run in:

You may need to do a little Google research for each of your questions or visit the Adobe forums for specific help.

Maybe get an external hard drive to put some of your extra computer files – or a Dropbox account? That way you can free up some hard drive room. Also look into opening Photoshop in 32 bit rather than 64 bit. Max out the RAM on your computer, too. :-)

pat Stdddard

pat Stdddard

November 30, 2013

how much hard drive do you need? I tried to open french kiss in photoshop and it said I didn’t have enough hard drive. I’m so excited and wanted to use it. I have another computer its not windows 7, like this one. Will it work on vista? thaank you. Pat

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