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Time Zones

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

I live in France and have an international client base. All sales are displayed in Paris time zone, which is UTC+1.

Time Zone differences can change with the seasons depending on when a country adds and subtracts an hour in the spring and fall. (It isn't always the same date from country to country!) I try to always let a sale last long enough for the West Coast in America to have a full day on the last day of the sale.

Find your Time Zone in relation to France (UTC+1), here: World Time Zone

Something to keep in mind:

If a sale starts in the morning in France, it will actually start during the night before in America.

Sales usually start in the afternoon in Australia.

Since I let the sale go until midnight PST the last day of the sale, the sale will actually end the following morning in France - the following afternoon in Australia.

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