Les Textures 3

This is an eclectic, versatile collection to suit a wide array of your creative needs. There are a range of textures from soft and delicate to uber grungy with a touch of vintage to boot.

This collection has a bit of everything with elements that play well together and with your other graphic assets. There are subtle textures that are my personal go-to textures for backgrounds and as well as textures with a lot of attitude for bold image-making.

Photographers, play with blend modes, opacities, and layer adjustments to dial in just the right touch to enhance your image.

Designers, enjoy a wide range of styles for your designs.

The set contains 11 bonus variations. These are more than just hue changes. Each variation was carefully crafted and edited to be a valuable addition.

There are also 3 transparent overlays which include a montage of vintage French sheet music, an ornamental border, and scratched up film. Instructions are included for changing the colors in Photoshop.

Get the Texture Collection I, II & III Discounted Bundle.


  • 19 sRGB jpg Textures
  • 11 Bonus Texture variations.
  • 3 transparent .png Overlays
  • 300 DPI (ppi)
  • 5184 x 3456 pixels with a few at 6048 x 4032

Extended License digital graphic

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Get the Texture Collection I, II & III Discounted Bundle.

Les Textures 1-3 discounted collections bundle.


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