Garden Girl No. 14 Digital Vintage Illustration

Lovely illustration from a Victorian trade card of a girl looking out across a landscape at birds in a cherry tree. Includes both the original with "Ayer's Cherry Pectoral" advertising - I left the original slightly shabby and a clean, retouched version with no text.


  • 2 sRGB, 600 DPI, JPEG (1 is a different version with the mouth retouched into more of a smile.)
  • 1 sRGB 600 DPI, PNG - the scan with original advertising.

Extended Designer's License: You are free to use these files in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own new, unique design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use. Please do not post or share images as is or include them in digital collage sheets.

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