Vintage Birds No. 5 Digital Illustrations

Vintage birds on flowering branches illustrations from Victorian trade cards.

I like to use these illustrations in blended stacked layers. This method won't work on dark or brightly colored backgrounds, but it works well in gently colored and textured backgrounds.

  • Drag the illustration onto your background file.
  • Duplicate the bird layer.
  • Add a layer mask to that layer and fill it with black.
  • On the bird layer underneath, set the blend mode to multiply.
  • On the top bird layer, use a soft brush in white and gently reveal parts of it, avoiding any white areas.


  • 2 sRGB 600 DPI JPEG files

Extended Designer's License: You are free to use these files in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own new, unique design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use. Please do not post or share images as is or include them in digital collage sheets.

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