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Paint Impressions Textures V.3

Enhance your photography and design with extra-large, artistically edged paint textures!

Give your art an edge - literally! - with these artistic paint monotype textures. Whether you are looking for a more creative photographic effect or a background for your designs these textures provide a unique look.

These textures were created by using a brayer (roller) to spread paint on a gelatin plate and then taking an impression of the brayered paint onto paper. Multiple impressions with different paint layers builds up color and details. The process creates natural roughed edges with color overlaps and misregistrations. In other words, yummy edges! The centers have subtler detail and as the textures are quite large, they can be cropped for a gentler effect. Several variations are included that are cropped and edited.


  • 22 original textures
  • sRGB JPEG files
  • Each texture approximately 7400 pixels wide
  • Compatibility - JPG and PNG can be opened by any graphic software such as Photoshop, PS Elements, Affinity, etc. These can be opened in Procreate, but they are very large, so you will probably want to resize them if you are working in layers.

Bonus Variations:

  • 5 variations that were edited for fewer brayer marks.
  • 3 style variations - color or mixed textures.
  • 3 square cropped variations that were carefully edited for the format.
  • 11 cropped edges 7400 by 5286 pixels variations carefully edited.
  • 1 B&W PNG overlay version for a subtle grunge source.

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