1872 French Script Papers and Overlays

These are taken from an exercise book with dictations. (Dictée = Dictation) I thought these 4 were particularly delightful, plus the writing is beautiful. These were entries over 2 or more pages that I've combined as one. Large files. Use layer masks to select areas to use in your designs or use the entire thing as a background. You can also find the original scans here.


  1. Beauté des Papillons.  (The beauty of butterflies.)
  2. Le Chant du Cygne. (The song of the swan.)
  3. Migrations des Oiseaux. (The migration of birds.)
  4. Amphritite Sur les Eaux. (Amphritite (Poseidon's Wife) on the water.)


  • 4 PNG transparent overlay files 300 DPI grayscale (Colors can be easily changed - instructions included.)
  • 4 JPEG ephemera papers, 600 DPI.
  • Large files. These were scanned at twice the size of the originals. They are roughly 3200 px x 6000+ pixels

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