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Vintage Illustrations

Digital Downloads Of Vintage Postcards, Trading Cards, Prints etc.

I comb the flea markets in France and spend many (obsessive!) hours searching for delightful items. The originals are scanned on a professional scanner and professionally and lovingly retouched and optimized. We retouch out the unsightly stains and grunge while leaving a touch of "the kiss of time." These are large files, usually at least 600 DPI, or twice the size of the originals. The originals for most of these collector images cost many times more than the digital download cost and they look a lot nicer! These files are minimally sharpened and low contrast to give you a versatile base for your needs. Be sure to sharpen and adjust the contrast and saturation for printing.

Terms:Digital Illustrations Extended License: You are free to use these images in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own, new design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted for re-use.

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