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Brushed Canvas Masks, Overlays, and Brushes

Expand your creativity with these brushed canvas clipping masks. Masks are awesome tools for digital artistry. Not only can they be used as clipping masks for photos but they can also be used to add color detail and collage elements.

These were created by brushing paint over canvas and are extra-large with the longest dimension ranging from 2760 - 9794 pixels.

I've also included Photoshop brush versions, which are awesome for further editing with layer masks.

For your convenience, there are 40 pre-made Overlays at 3600 x 3600 pixels so you can drag and drop to create digital papers and designs. I've even included 5 additional bonus overlays with vintage French elements!

You'll love having these in your design toolbox.


  • 36 Masks in .png format.
  • 40 pre-made overlays 3600 x 3600 pixels .png format.
  • 5 pre-made vintage French overlays. .png format.
  • Photoshop .abr brushes for CS2 (and above) and CS6 (and above)
  • 1 Bonus digital paper created using the masks, overlays and brushes.

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