Catharina Klein Fall Foliage Digital Images

12 digital images of fall foliage, berries, and acorns from Catharina Klein vintage postcards. The originals are collector items and were quite expensive and time-consuming to collect. Many hours have gone into careful retouching. This collection is geared towards designers to blend into their own designs. While on a white background, the images are not "cut out" but rather include background elements to maintain depth in the image. I like using this type of image in a "blended layers" method. Links to the tut included with the files. These were used to create the Catharina Digital Papers.


  • 12 digital vintage images by Catharina Klein.
  • 2 alternate versions and 2 signature files for a total of 16 files.
  • 600 DPI (twice the original size), sRGB, flattened JPEGs.
  • File Size: 27.2 MB

Note: this is a Designer's Edition package. The files are large and have an extended license. I'm working on some craft editions which will be smaller in size and have a more limited license, but will be less expensive and immediately printable.


Extended Designer License: You are free to use these files in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own new, unique design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use. Please do not post or share images or include them as is in digital collage sheets.

(Please note that licenses vary according to product.)

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