Spring Impasto Textures Discount Bundle

Extra-large, painted textures in bright, Spring colors. Impasto is a paint technique using thick thick brush and/or knife strokes. Get both the rectangle and square formats at a great discount! Save more than 30% on the bundle.

Please Note: This bundle is from 12 original textures. One set is the originals and the other collection of 19 textures are square custom edited versions of the originals.

The square versions are not simply cropped and re-sized. They were scanned specifically for the crop and then carefully edited for balance in the square format. Basically, you are getting 19 large, edited versions for an additional $7.00 instead of the individual collection price of $23.00


Spring Impasto Textures: 12 large, painted textures.

Spring Impasto Textures Squared: 19 optimized  and edited square versions.


File sizes: 108.5 MB, 98.3 MB, 71.4 MB, 70.5 MB

Click for full Terms of Use. These are commercial license, but may not be used to create textures, papers, kits, or templates to sell or share.


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