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The Vintage Christmas Illustrations Compendium

A high-value, delightful, designers collection of Christmas and Winter digital illustrations from vintage postcards and Victorian Trade Cards.

These are from my personal collection of original ephemera collected over the past decade. The originals are valued at around $2000. Countless hours were spent scanning, retouching, and extracting backgrounds. They were professionally scanned at a minimum of 600 PPI (DPI). (Twice the size of the original.)

Get a jump start on your creativity with 9 Design Starts papers ready to further with your own design vision.

This high resolution collection is especially for designers looking for elements to incorporate into their own designs. These are perfect for creating digital papers, gift tags, cards, wrapping paper, scrapbook elements and more. They are also wonderful to print out for cards or crafts. This collection will provide you with the resources for modern vintage designs for years to come!

Bonus! 2 sets of Digital Papers brand new and created specifically for this collection! There are also a few vintage items, 2 Washi tapes, gold foil textures and snow overlays. I've even thrown in a set of vintage greetings.

Included In The Collection

  • Santa illustrations: 30 originals and 42 variations.
  • Christmas Children Illustrations: 44 originals and 78 variations.
  • Holly Illustrations: 26 originals, 10 variations, and 2 bonus.
  • 2 Holly Border Patterns: JPEG, Tiles, .pat files
  • Poinsettia Illustrations: 11 originals and 8 variations.
  • Christmas Bells illustrations: 11 originals and 9 variations.
  • Angel illustrations: 6 originals and 9 variations.
  • Christmas Birds illustrations: 22 originals and 15 variations.
  • Framed Winter Scenics: 5 originals and 43 variations.
  • Vintage Christmas Greetings: 33 originals and 5 variations.
  • Christmas Greenery Illustrations: 10 originals and 12 variations.
  • Design Starts Digital Papers: 9 Themes with 10 variations.
  • Yule Digital Papers: 13 Papers with 7 variations. Plus 1 Seamless texture pattern. JPEG tile and .pat file.
  • Yule Striped Digital Papers: 17 Papers with 20 variations.
  • Bonus Files: 13 originals and 13 variations. Washi tapes, Gold Foil Texture, Snow Overlays, Frames, Vintage French Ephemera.
  • All are 300-600 PPI JPEG & PNG files with a few optional .PSD and .TIF files.
  • The collection is over 3GB broken down into 5 downloads.


These are all JPEGs and PNGS, (There are a few optional Tiff and Photoshop) so will be compatible with most graphics software including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity, and Procreate. Note: they can be imported into ProCreate,  but you may need to resize them for multiple layer documents.

Extended Designer's License: You are free to use these files in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own new, unique design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use. Please do not post or share images as free downloads or include them in digital collage sheets.

Note that most of the illustrations were previously publishedin small collections or as individual downloads. I've gathered up almost everything Christmas and bundled them all together.

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