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Fine Art Textures & Digital Designs

Paint Impressions Textures V.1
Paint Impressions Textures V.1 from $33.00
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Texture Nirvana Bundle
Texture Nirvana Bundle $299.19
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Glorious Grunge Textures
Glorious Grunge Textures $35.00
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L'Artiste Texture Collection
L'Artiste Texture Collection from $45.00
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French Kiss Collections is a digital design resource for photographers, designers and digital artists. We specialize in beautiful, unique, fine art textures, digital design elements, and ephemera gleaned from weekends at Les Puces (flea markets.)

Photographer and designer, Leslie Nicole, is the founder and creative director for French Kiss Collections. She worked professionally in design and photography more than 20 years in San Francisco before moving to France. Read More 

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