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Be Featured On Instagram

Be Featured On Instagram

Have your creative photography using French Kiss Collections textures, overlays and graphics featured on Instagram.

I used to use my @la_leslienicole Instagram profile for both my personal work and French Kiss but I've recently created @frenchkisstextures just for creative photography with a big emphasis on featuring your artwork.

Connect And Shine

I'm really loving seeing the incredible work and it's a delight to feature it. For quite awhile, I've been looking for a way to showcase user work and I realized Instagram is perfect! I'll also be doing some updates to the store so that the feed will appear on the front page. (For now, I'm mostly featuring photography. I may start a different Instagram profile for other graphics like vintage illustrations.)

French Kiss Textures featured art on Instagram.

Go Behind The Scenes

I'll also be posting stories and images showing how I create graphics and what's up in the studio and shop.

Leslie Nicole's Studio where she creates French Kiss Graphics.

Join Us! Follow And Tag

Follow @frenchkisstextures on Instagram and start tagging your photography that uses French Kiss textures and overlays with #frenchkisstextures. I'll select 5 or more to feature each week. Please don't be discouraged if I don't feature you right away. There is so much awesome work it's hard to feature everything!

Can't wait to see your artwork!

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