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Get Your Fabulous Freebies!

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Digital Collage With A May Freebie

Digital Collage With A May Freebie

I love these darling scenic bird illustrations for this month's free digital download. Don't you want to be there in that boat, enjoying a lovely day?

Free digital downloads of vintage bird scenic illustrations.

Digital Collage With One Of The Freebies

I played around with one of the illustrations and created a digital collage using textures, masks, vintage French script, digital papers, and watercolor spatter.

Digital collage using one of the free vintage scenic bird digital download illustrations.

The digital collage was created with one of the monthly freebies (Subscribe to the newsletter to access all the fabulous freebies!) I also used textures, masks, vintage French script, and watercolor spatter from The Complete Inspirational Textures and Elements Collection. The green polka dot area is from the Fresh Essentials Digital Papers V.1 collection.

The Design On Mockups

Of course, I couldn't resist trying out the design with some mockups!

Soap packaging and t-shirt design using a vintage scenic bird illustration digital collage.

Soap Mockup by Field Office on Creative Market. Children's Tee Mockup by Freeman Studio on Creative Market.

Shower curtain design mockup with a vintage scenic bird illustration design.

The shower curtain mockup is by mockups on Creative Market.

Framed artwork mockup on Creative Market.

This gorgeous Provence interior style framed artwork mockup is by MyHomeMockups on Creative Market. (Some of my absolute favorite mockups!)


Tips For Using The Illustrations

These illustrations are flattened .jpg files with a white background. Given the vignette style they were not suited for extracting from the white background. Here are a few tips for integrating them into your artwork.

  • If your design has a light background, then you might be able to get away with setting the blend mode to multiply or darker color. Extra tip - in this case, you might have good luck duplicating the layer and setting the lower layer to the multiply or darker color blend mode. Then if you need a little of the brightness of the original, set the upper layer to the normal blend mode. Add a layer mask filled with black and then with a soft white brush, gently brush to reveal some of that layer - avoiding the white areas. Start with a lower opacity with your brush and build up.
  • You could also use clipping masks or brushes as I did in my design as a creative way to reveal the illustration while avoiding the white edges.

Have fun with your freebies. I can't wait to see how you use them!

Note: Monthly freebies are available for ~2 years and then go into the store. If you are reading this and these illustrations are not longer available, you can get other graphics like this. There are regular new freebies as well as the core collections available when you subscribe.

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