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Change Log

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

I sometimes need to make changes in products to make naming conventions more cohesive and sometimes I add enhancements to the collection. I've started this change log so you can check what's changed.

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Time Zones

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

I live in France and have an international client base. All sales are displayed in Paris time zone, which is UTC+1.

Time Zone differences can change with the seasons depending on when a country adds and subtracts an hour in the spring and fall. (It isn't always the same date from country to country!) I try to always let a sale last long enough for the West Coast in America to have a full day on the last day of the sale.

Find your Time Zone in relation to France (UTC+1), here: World Time Zone

Something to keep in mind:

If a sale starts in the morning in France, it will actually start during the night before in America.

Sales usually start in the afternoon in Australia.

Since I let the sale go until midnight PST the last day of the sale, the sale will actually end the following morning in France - the following afternoon in Australia.

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How Do I Get My Downloads?

Posted on April 22, 2013 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

Please see this new page for more detailed Download information.

Your Downloads

Quick Info:

Downloads are available immediately upon check-out.

An Order Confirmation and Download links are emailed to you immediately after check out. (2 different emails.)

Emails can sometimes get hung up in cyberspace / SPAM filters, though so you can also access your links directly on my download site:

Access your download area directly HERE.

Note: You'll need your order number and email address that you used to place the order. Your order number is given on the final check out page and it is emailed to you after check out.

If you experience a problem accessing the download area, it could be that you had a typo in the email address you entered for your order. Contact us and we'll get the email fixed for you.

Need more help with Downloads?

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How To Bring Textures Into Photoshop

Posted on February 06, 2013 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

I occasionally get emails asking how to import textures into Photoshop/Elements or asking if they need to install them as a plug-in. 

The good news is that there is nothing to install. Textures are basically just image files that you open up in Photoshop the same as you would any other image file.

Here's a quick outline on how to start working with your textures.

  1. Download the zip files. (If you need help with the downloads / zipped files read this article.)
  2. Unzip the files. (If you need help with the downloads / zipped files read this article.)
  3. Back up your files. Back up your textures and other assets to CD and or an external hard drive or cloud storage.
  4. Place your files in the appropriate folder. Drag your textures, etc. to where you normally store your images. Note: for some Windows platforms, apparently you cannot open a file unless it's in the appropriate folder. I've had a few clients have problems opening a file from their download folder that was solved by moving the files.
  5. Optional: Import to a database program. Note, if you use Lightroom, Aperture or another image database program, import the textures. Note: Lightroom versions under version 5 do not support .png files. If you wish to import these to Lightroom, change them to Photoshop or Tiff files. (Just don't flatten them!)
  6. Choose a texture to open. Using Lightroom, Bridge, Elements Organizer, or another image browser, choose the texture you wish to work with. Open the texture. Note: Certain image browsers such as Elements Organizer don't display the Black and White transparent .png files correctly. They may display as blocks of black. Change them to Photoshop or Tiff files. (Just don't flatten them!)
  7. Place the texture in your image. Place it in a layer in your image file by either copying and pasting or dragging.
  8. Quick Start Guide To Textures: Here's a quick tutorial to get you started working with textures.

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My Texture Changed Color When I Placed It!

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

The textures come in sRGB format. If you place them in a file with a different color space, you may see a shift in color. This is very easy to fix. In Photoshop, before you place the texture, choose: Edit / Convert to Profile and choose the color space of your image.

Read more about color spaces and textures in this article.

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Compatibility For Textures And Other Elements

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Leslie Nicole | 2 Comments

Compatibility for system and software, file resolutions and formats.

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Where Are My Overlays? Plus tips about Png files

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Leslie Nicole | 0 Comments

Can't find your overlays or they look strange to you? Here are a few quick tips to understanding the overlays.

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