Terms Of Use

Note: I'm in the process of updating my terms. I've recently relaxed my usage terms a lot. I'm still working on finessing the wording and implementing it on the product level, so if you have any questions, please do contact me.

Terms of Use / Licensing Agreement 

May 22, 2015

All textures, templates, overlays, brushes, or other products purchased and/or downloaded from French Kiss Collections / Leslie Nicole are copyrighted. You are granted Royalty-Free, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable use of said products. Products can be used solely by the purchaser. Please do not share, distribute, sell or claim the products as your own.

It's never OK to create derivative textures or digital papers or templates from my textures and papers.

Professional License Usage:

  • Client Work: Photographers and scrapbookers may use and create templates and artwork for their clients, but files must be provided as flattened files or printed art in a way that the original assets cannot be extracted and re-used.
  • Marketing: French Kiss Collections products may be used in self-promotional marketing materials. Incorporating elements into your logo is fine.
  • Artists: Artists may create works of art to sell on art sites such as RedBubble and ImageKind. Assets must be integrated into the artwork so that the primary value no longer lies in the asset itself and the new artwork is unique. Print on demand t-shirts, mugs etc. are allowed for textures/overlays when integrated into artist’s original artwork.
  • Commercial Applications: Designers and Illustrators can use French Kiss products for ads, brochures and other printed materials. Website design is also allowed, but not web templates.
  • Stock Art: You may use French Kiss assets in artwork for sale by stock agencies if the product has been integrated into your own artwork and has been changed enough that the primary value no is no longer the asset itself and the new artwork is unique enough to fall under a new copyright. You may not use the assets to create and sell derivative textures, overlays, papers, brushes, or templates.
  • Merchandising: You may license your artwork that include French Kiss assets if they are integrated into your own design and are not sold as assets to be re-used as graphics (eg. textures, papers, templates, etc.)
  • Digital Graphics: It's never OK to create derivative textures or digital papers from my textures and papers. It is OK to use grunge and art brushes for new design assets as long as they are incorporated into your own design.

Please honor my licensing. This is my full-time work and I spend many thousands of dollars on this. While I don't try to hunt down offenders, the internet is surprisingly small and I have stumbled upon sites re-selling my assets as their own and I had their sites shut down.

Credits and Links

No links or credits are required—though always appreciated where appropriate. Find links & banners here.

Thank you for your compliance to these terms. I spend an enormous amount of time and resources on these products. Violators of these terms will be prosecuted.

Limits of Liability

I take copyright laws very seriously, but it is impossible to research or ascertain permissions of all found vintage resources. French Kiss Collections provides no rights or warranties on the use of names, designs, printed materials or works of art used in any product. You are responsible for determining that all necessary rights and consents that may be required for your product are satisfied.

If you are unsure of a usage or would like to discuss expanded licensing, please contact Leslie Nicole.