Terms Of Use

October 12, 2017

Note: I have not yet updated the download files with the new terms. It will take me a little time to get all the product graphics updated. Also, I'm finessing these terms - so feel free to ask questions!

General Terms – All Assets

All textures, templates, overlays, brushes, or other assets purchased and/or downloaded from French Kiss Collections / Leslie Nicole are copyrighted. You are granted royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable use of said products. Products can be used solely by the individual purchaser. Please do not share, distribute, repackage, or sell assets as is. Do not claim the assets as your own creations. Using assets (in part or whole) to create graphics for freebies or bundles is not allowed.

Commercial Use

All digital assets are sold with an Extended, Commercial Use license.
All assets used commercially must be incorporated with other elements in your own new, unique design. Cropping and color changes, for example, are not sufficient changes. An end use design should use assets as a support in the final design and not the main element.
Assets should be provided in a way (eg. a flattened file) that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use.

Please note the Extended License Exceptions below.

Never Allowed

Creating derivative (either modified or re-mixed) Textures, Overlays, Digital Papers, Page Layouts, or Templates is NEVER ALLOWED. (eg. Do not make a texture from a texture to sell or distribute.)

Competing Graphics

Designers selling digital graphic designs are welcome to use these assets in their designs but, please do not create graphics that compete with themselves. For instance, a digital paper from a digital paper.

  • Textures and digital papers may be used as a support element in your designs such as tags, cards, pillows, t-shirts, etc.
  • It is OK to create an overlay from overlays and brushes if they are used in a new, unique design. For instance, if you took script brushes, vintage image brushes and grunge brushes and created a blended design that you then made brushes from, this is acceptable use. (Textures may never be used to create textures though.)
  • Vintage Illustrations must be incorporated into a new design. Please do not include them in contact sheet type digital collages. I do allow a little wiggle room if you wish to include an occasional small version postcard for example as part of a scrap kit. Please do not abuse.

Public Domain Limits of Liability

We take copyright laws very seriously, but it is impossible to research or ascertain permissions of all found vintage resources. We use ephemera that is reasonable to assume was created before 1923, however, French Kiss Collections provides no rights or warranties on the use of names, designs, printed materials or works of art used in any product. Note that this is a standard disclaimer when selling vintage ephemera.

It's my wish to give you the highest freedom possible while still protecting my original assets. Please feel free to ask me questions via the contact page. Thanks!