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Your Downloads

Getting your downloads to you immediately is extremely important to me. Although I've had a download link at check-out and information on the Contact Page and FAQ pages, some people still missed the download information so I've been working on ways to make it stand out more.

Find Your Downloads

You can find links to your downloads in the following places:

1. At Check-Out

While this option has been available for some time, it is now more obvious with bolder text and a big download button.

2. By Email

As always, an email is sent to you immediately upon check-out with your download links. Emails can occasionally get hung up in Cyberspace or lost in Spam filters. You can always log-in directly to our download site to get your downloads.

3. Our Download Site

Access your downloads anytime by logging into our Download Site. Use your Order Number (found on the check-out page and in your order confirmation email.) and your email address (the one you placed the order with - your Paypal address) to log in.

Where To Find Download Information and Links

Find Your Downloads Page  via the following links

The Information Menu

The Store Footer

The Contact Page

The Contact Page has a direct link to the Download Site.

More Coming

My next steps will be to add the download information to your confirmation email, in case you get that one, but not the download email. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on ways to make finding your downloads easy-peasy. Your satisfaction is very important to me!

For other questions about downloads, please see theFAQ pages.

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