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Secret Garden Painted Textures

 A colorful bloom of textures to evoke the beauty and exuberance of a magical Summer garden. Created from original hand-painted and monoprinted textures with lots of gorgeous textural details like brush strokes and impasto layers.

14 unique hand-painted textures plus 5 bonus carefully crafted variations. These textures have a lot of "personality" which is great for the creative artist, but can also be used toned down by mixing with other textures, lowering opacities, or desaturating. These textures are quite large, so there are a lot of creative possibilities!


  • 14 unique painted textures - sRGB, JPEG, 300 DPI
  • 5 Bonus carefully crafted variations. Variations are not simply hue changes. I use selective channels, filters and even other elements and then do further editing.
  • 14 Bonus grayscale jpegs. The grayscale versions are carefully adapted and further edited.
  • 7000 pixels square. These are large files! Give them time to download.

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