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Dulk Flower Fairies Vintage Digital Images Designer Edition

10 delightful "Flower Fairy" images from original vintage postcards with M. Dulk illustrations of fanciful girls dressed in flower costumes. These were postmarked between 1915 – 1917. I spent over $100 and many hours collecting this set. (With a lot of patience and searching you can find the originals for less, but I've also seen them priced over $50 each.) They have been lovingly restored with a clean white background ready for you to incorporate into your designs. I've also included lo-res originals as reference files as well as a text file with original greetings. Have fun!


  • 10 sRGB 600 DPI JPEG files of Flower Fairy girls on flattened white background.
  • 10 sRGB 600 DPI JPEG files of the little flowers on flattened white background.
  • Lo-res original postcard scans for reference.
  • Text file with all of the original birthday greetings.

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Limited Professional Digital Collage Sheets are also available. Choose if you do not plan on selling products and don't need 600 DPI.


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