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The Vintage Christmas Illustrations Compendium V.2

First Access - Collection In Progress!

Designers - This New Offer is Especially For You! I'm currently editing the 2nd volume of the wildly popular The Vintage Christmas Illustrations Compendium. It will take me a couple of months to get everything edited, but I know you are designing now for you holiday designs, so I came up with a way to get the graphics to you hot off the press (so to speak) as soon as they are edited.

Downloads Ready

  • May 2: 15 unique graphics with variations and additionals.
  • May 8: 12 Unique graphics with variations and additionals.
  • May 15: 10 Unique graphics with variations and additionals.
  • May 22: 10 Unique graphics with variations and additionals.
  • May 29: 8 Unique illustrations with variations + 1 digital paper.

New Downloads Every Monday

I'll be uploading finished graphics every Monday. You'll be notified via email with the new download links. My plan is to be finished Mid-July. (You can see by the preview graphics what is to come.)

Large Graphics!

Many of these illustrations are even larger dimensions than V.1! As always, each original usually has 1 or more variations for great versatility. There is often a variation isolated from the background.

On Sale!

The collection is in it's introductory special offer of 30% Off!


I've so far spent $1,200.00 on original vintage illustrations. This doesn't factor in many hours scanning and retouching and a paid assistant for the editing. Quite a bargain for you! (You can find cheaper collections out there - but this collection distinguishes itself with the size of the files, essential variations, and professional scanning and editing.)

Even More

I will probably be adding Digital Papers and other Bonus Items.


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